Cheerful and confident the little girl boards the bus and walks to sit in the back while her mom stays towards the front. And in maybe five minutes (the time between when they get on and when I get off) she talks non-stop, telling me…

…the best thing about her school day was math (even though she doesn’t remember what kind of math)

…a detailed description of how she made her own poetry book about when you give a rat a cookie (a peanut-butter-chocolate-chip-and-ice-cream cookie to be specific)

…all the gifts she got from her mom and Nana for Christmas

…she’s in third grade

…how a homework pass works

…that her teacher is nice, and cool, and really helps her

…her mom helps her with her homework

I exit at my bus stop after a long, busy, tiring day incredibly blessed by her unconscious and generous shared energy for and joy in life.


Image: Barrel cactus flower in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona

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