Mom sling-draped with baby (quiet, maybe sleeping)
negotiating with another child (maybe three-year-old)
to get into the cart at the start of a grocery trip

Mom’s face patient – no, long-suffering
exasperation, fatigue mixed with love…
edges of defeat while needing to maintain control

Mom’s voice calm, patient, reasonable
losing one battle while needing to win another
for the LONG DELAYED gratification of edification of her older son

Lord, thank You for giving me eyes to see. I wanted to offer encouragement, acknowledgement, empathy, help in some way. No inspiration came except to pray:

“You know her and her family. Meet her, nourish her, strengthen her.”

Thank You for the privilege to pray for her incognito, so to speak. May I be more cognizant to offer practical, tangible help in similar moments in the future. Even if only to whisper in passing the truth:

“You’re a good mother.”